Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cyclists & Dogs

Lately there has been a lot of hullabaloo about all the vicious dogs biting and chasing cyclists in the area and it is my opinion cyclists should do something about it.
1. There is no leash law outside of town so the out-of-town dogs are often going to be off leash. (I have been told there is a dog leash law out-of-town.)
2. Dogs are not human, they don't think like humans or act like humans so don't treat them like humans.
3. Dogs are not "vicious" unless trained to be. I believe none of the dogs on any of the routes I have ridden are vicious although some of them are getting annoying and are unaware that I own the road and they are required to leave me alone.
4. Cyclists can lead dogs to act "vicious" by giving them something fun to chase and by acting afraid.

1. Don’t let the dog chase you.
2. Stop and confront the dog and make it to go home.
3. Buy some pepper spray for a little moral/psychological support so you feel in control when you stop and confront the dog and have every intention of using it if necessary.
4. Make the dog/cyclist interaction not a fun game for the dog.

1. No bitten cyclists.
2. No crashed bikes.
3. No sheriff.
4. No euthanized dogs.
5. No lawsuits.

The Reality
1. As long as it is not your problem it is not a problem.
2. Shepherding dogs away from cyclists is no longer my concern.
3. Cyclists who aren't victims won't be victimized by dogs.